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AIR POWER IN UN OPERATIONS: Wings for Peace (Ashgate, 2014)
US Wars: How Just? Expert Survey (pdf)

Human Security Intelligence (pdf)
"Les drones onusiens pour le maintien de la paix" (UN drones for peace) (fr, pdf)
Canada Moves Further from Peacekeeping
Critique of Canada’s cluster bomb policy
Unprepared for peace: A decade of decline in Canadian peacekeeping (html) (pdf-WFC)

Chemical and Nuclear Inspection Agencies: OPCW/IAEA Comparison, IAEA Bulletin (html) (pdf)
Chemical Weapons Convention: An Overview
Chemical Weapons Convention: Compliance Provisions
Chemical Weapons Convention: Ratification Testimony before the Foreign Affairs Committee (html) (full session)
Compliance Mechanisms in Disarmament Treaties (html) (pdf)
NPT Compliance and North Korea: Carrots, Sticks and Bombs (html) (pdf)
PAXSAT: A Canadian Initiative in Arms Control
Satellite and Airborne Surveillance for Arms Control: Workshop Report
Small Arms, Human Security and Development (html) (pdf)
Treaties for Arms Control: Tabulation (html) (pdf)
UN Should Verify Treaties
UN Verification: Case for a UN Verification Agency
Verification Agency Inside or Outside the UN?



Canada Moves Further from Peacekeeping (National Post op-ed)
Canada Pulls Out of Peacekeeping (Globe and Mail op-ed)
It's Time to Keep the Peace Again (National Post op-ed)
Where are Our Peacekeepers? (Toronto Star op-ed)




The International Criminal Court and the Crime of Aggression
Arms Control





Afghanistan: Give Peacekeeping a Chance (html)  (pdf)
East Timor: Personal Encounters with Militias
First UN "Air Force": Peacekeepers in Combat, Congo 1960-64 (html) (pdf)
Give the Peacekeepers Tools They Need (National Post op-ed) (html
Peacekeeping Then, Now and Always (html) (pdf)
Regional Peacekeeping Is Not the Way (html) (pdf)
Rwanda: "Preventing the Bloodbath", Could the UN have Predicted & Prevented the Genocide? (html) (pdf)
Security Sector Reform in Bosnia (pdf)
The Peacekeepers Film Study Guide (pdf), NFB (English, French)
Web links on Peacekeeping

Who is Dying for Peace? (Fatalities in Peacekeeping) (html) (pdf)

Intelligence / Technologies  

Crisis warning: Namibia 1989 (html) (pdf)
High-tech peacekeeping (html) (pdf)
Intelligence and Peacekeeping: The UN Operation in the Congo 1960-64 (html) (pdf)
Intelligence and the Operation in Eastern Zaire 1996 (html) (pdf)
Intelligence-Gathering in UN Peacekeeping: The Limits (html)
Intelligence-led Peacekeeping: The UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti
(html) (pdf)
Smartphones for Smart Peacekeeping
Surveillance in Cyprus: UN peacekeeping force (html) (pdf)
Technologie: Le maintien de la paix à la fine pointe de la technologie? (html link) (pdf)
Tools of the Trade? Monitoring and Surveillance Technologies for UN Peacekeeping (pdf) 
UN Drones: "Les drones onusiens pour le maintien de la paix" (fr, pdf)
UN Peacekeeping Intelligence, chapter in Oxford Handbook (html, OUP access) (pdf1) (pdf2)



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