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Modern Sikh Warriors (html) (pdf)  ** NEWEST **
Cyberpeacekeeping: A New Role for the United Nations? (html) (pdf
Canadian Contributions to UN Peace Operations: Proposals (en, fr)
   Defence Committee testimonyaudio, transcript (en, fr); handout graphs (pdf, enfr); brief (pdf, enfr)
Innovative Technology: Mission-Multiplier (2017 Vancouver Ministerial) (fr) (pdf: en, fr)

Carrots, sticks and bombs: treaty compliance and North Korea (html) (pdf)
Tracking the Promises: Canada's contributions to UN peacekeeping (html)
  ** Updated mid-monthly **


Canada dithers on peacekeeping committment (html) (Ottawa Citizen, 2017)
Canada to keep the peace again (html) (Hill Times op-ed) (pdf, 2016)
A return of Canada, the Peacekeeper (html) (Open Canada) (pdf, 2015) 
Canada Moves Further from Peacekeeping  (Toronto Star op-ed, 2013)
It's Time to Keep the Peace Again (National Post op-ed, 2011)
Where are Our Peacekeepers? (Toronto Star op-ed, 2009)
Canada Pulls Out of Peacekeeping (Globe and Mail op-ed, 2006)
Trudeau Government’s Rhetoric on Peacekeeping Has Priority Over Action (Ottawa Citizen)



The International Criminal Court and the Crime of Aggression
Arms Control 



Afghanistan: give peacekeeping a chance (html) (pdf)
Air Power in UN Operations: Four Facets (html) (pdf)
AIR POWER IN UN OPERATIONS: Wings for Peace (Ashgate/Routledge, 2014) (full contents, pdfs)
Canada: See section Canada & Peace Operations (above)
Central African Republic: Opportunity for Canadian peacekeeping (html)

Combat Air Power in the Congo, 2003– (html)
Cyberpeacekeeping: A New Role for the United Nations? (html) (pdf(digest in Peace Magazine)
East Timor: personal encounters with militias
First UN "Air Force": peacekeepers in combat, Congo 1960-64 (html) (pdf)
Peacekeeping Then, Now and Always (html) (pdf
Regional Peacekeeping Is Not the Way (html) (pdf)
Rwanda: "Preventing the Bloodbath", could the UN have predicted & prevented the genocide? (html) (pdf)
Security Sector Reform in Bosnia (pdf)
The Peacekeepers Film Study Guide (pdf), NFB (en, fr)
UN Humanitarian Air Service: Flying Humanitarians (html)
Web links on Peacekeeping

Who is Dying for Peace? (Fatalities in Peacekeeping) (html) (pdf)

Peacekeeping Intelligence  

Congo: Intelligence and Peacekeeping: the UN Operation in the Congo 1960-64 (html) (pdf)
Haiti: Intelligence-led Peacekeeping: the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (html) 
Human Security Intelligence (pdf)
Intelligence-Gathering in UN Peacekeeping: the limits (html) (pdf)
Lebanon: Aerial Surveillance 1958 (html) (pdf)
Mali: Evolution of Peacekeeping Intelligence (html) (pdf)
Namibia: Crisis warning 1989 (html) (pdf)
UN Headquarters Intelligence: Zaire 1996 (html) (pdf)
UN Peacekeeping Intelligence, chapter in Oxford Handbook (html, OUP access) (pdf1) (pdf2)

Technology in Peace Ops 

Give the Peacekeepers Tools They Need (National Post op-ed) (html)
High-tech peacekeeping (html) (pdf)
Innovative Technology: Mission-Multiplier (2017 Vancouver Ministerial) (Fr) (pdf: en, fr)
KEEPING WATCH: Monitoring, Technology and Innovation in UN Peace Operations (contents, full pdf)
Performance Peacekeeping: technology and innovation in UN peacekeeping (UN panel, 2015) (pdf 11 MB)
Smart Peacekeeping: Toward Tech-Enabled Operations (pdf, 1.4  MB, IPI)
Smartphones for Smart Peacekeeping
Surveillance in Cyprus: UN peacekeeping force (html) (pdf)
Technologie: le maintien de la paix à la fine pointe de la technologie? (html link) (pdf)
Tools of the Trade? monitoring and surveillance technologies for UN peacekeeping (pdf)
Tracking Peacekeepers in Real-time (html) (pdf) (IPI version, pdf)
UAVs in UN operations: Eye in the Sky (pdf)
UN Drones: "Les drones onusiens pour le maintien de la paix" (fr, pdf)



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