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Mandate Letters (Trudeau government) (
Minister of Foreign Affairs (2017)
Minsiter of National Defence (2015)

White Papers on Defence:
2017  Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada's Defence Policy (pdf DND link)
2008  Canada First Defence Strategy  (pdf)
2005  A Role of Pride and Influence in the World: Defence  ("Defence Policy Statement") (pdf)
1994  Defence White Paper  (pdf, without images)
1992  Canadian Defence Policy 
1987  Challenge and Commitment: A Defence Policy for Canada  (pdf)
1971  White Paper on Defence  (pdf)
1964  White Paper on Defence  (pdf)

White Papers on Foreign Affairs:
2005   A Role of Pride and Influence in the World: Diplomacy (pdf)
1995  Canada in the World: Government Statement (html) (pdf, 236 KB)
1970  Foreign Policy for Canadians (pdf, 4 MB)
1968  Federalism and International Relations (pdf, 4 MB)

2004   Canada's National Security Policy (pdf)
2010   Canada's Cyber Security Strategy (html) (pdf, 330 KB)

Senate Committee Reports (on peacekeeping):

2016    UN Deployment: Prioritizing Commitments at Home and Abroad (Committee pdf En, pdf: En, 6.4 MB, Fr, 2.4 MB)
2000    The New NATO and the Evolution of Peacekeeping: Implications for Canada (html: En, Fr)
1993    Meeting New Challenges: Canada's response to a New Generation of Peacekeeping (report of the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs)

Somalia Inquiry report (1997): 
Exec summary (pdf) (gc pdf, 43 MB); Vol 1 (pdf, 69 MB) (gc pdf, 206 MB); Vol 2 (pdf, 68 MB) (gc pdf, 206 MB); Vol 3 (pdf, 48 MB) (gc pdf,150 MB); Vol 4 (pdf,19 MB) (gc pdf, 46 MB); Vol 5 (pdf, 91 MB) (gc pdf, 280 MB).  No covers (Queens Univ., under 2 MB): Exec Summary (pdf), Vol.1-4. Training study (LaRose-Edwards et al., full report: pdf, 8 MB; recommendations only: pdf, 400K)

International Policy Statement
(pdf, 1.2MB), Defence (pdf, 1.0 MB), Development (pdf, 1.4MB), Diplomacy (pdf, 860 KB). Former government site links: Overview, Diplomacy, Defence, Development. ("no longer available online" 2012)

Responsibility to Protect: Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty, 2001. (pdf)
Supplementary volume (Research, Bibliography and Background), 2001. (pdf)


NEWS MEDIA (Newspapers)

Archival search of

Globe and Mail:

New York Times:

Toronto Star:


Agenda for Peace (1992) (pdf-doc-scan)(pdf-clean), Supplement (1995)(pdf)
Charter of the United Nations, html on UN website (by chapter); on this site as html and as pdf and in French (pdf)
     * League of Nations Covenant and UN Charter comparison section-by section  (pdf)
Cuban Missile Crisis primary documents:
(Official Document System), advanced search:
Peacekeeping operations
(past and present), statistics, mission histories: Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council.
New Horizon paper (A New Partnership Agenda: Charting a New Horizon for UN Peacekeeping), Department of Peacekeeping Operations and Department of Field Support, 2009
Peace operations: Doctrine (Manuals) (Canada, UK, UN, US)
Photo Library and UN Multimedia
Refworld documents by type (e.g., maps, mission reports, searchable GA/SC resolutions)
UN News
WebTV (UN), including "Live Now" and "Security Council Media Stakeout"

Security Council
Meeting records
(including Proces Verbal)
Provisional Rules of Procedure (also available on the current site here). Français: Règlement intérieur provisoire du Conseil de sécurité (aussi disponible sur ce cite Web ici (pdf))
Resolutions: (no search function); wikipedia (summaries and votes); Refworld: Resolutions (searchable)
Refworld: Presidential statements
Search docs with ODS: (full text) search by adding symbol S/ or (for resolutions) S/RES
Security Council website



Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) Guidance for 2011. Washington, DC: Department of Defense, 2011. United States. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Defense Strategic Guidance (Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense). Department of Defense, January 2012.

Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act of 1986. Library of Congress. 99th Congress. Public Law 99-433. 1986.

National Military Strategy of the United States of America: Redefining America's Military Leadership. United States. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Washington, DC: Department of Defense, February 2011.

National Security Strategy of the United States. United States. The Office of the President. Washington, DC: The White House, May 2010.

National Security Act of 1947 (as amended). Title 50 US Code, Sections 401-442a. 2010 ed.  (Cornell University Law School)

Quadrennial Defense Review Report. United States. The Office of the Secretary of Defense. Washington, DC: Department of Defense, 12 February 2010.

Technology Source Book: Enabling Technologies for UN Peacekeeping Operations, Department of Defence, Washington, DC., 2015. (pdf)

War Powers Resolution. Library of Congress. 93rd Congress. Public Law 93-148. 1973.

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