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SavingStrangers AirPower Keynote Poster ADFA 13June2024


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"Attack Helicopters and other Crucial Technology for Peace Enforcement"

in conference "Using Force in UN Peace Operations" 

Oslo, August 30 (scheduled)


"Emerging technologies and UN peace operations: 
developments and progress since the report of the Expert Panel"

in Stockholm Security Conference, titled "Emerging technologies: Unseen connections, missing players, absent solutions" 

Stockholm, September 19–21 (scheduled)


World Federalism and a More Technologically-enabled United Nations”

Canadian Peace Research Association (CPRA) 2017 Conference

1 June 2017

Ryerson University, Toronto

“Peacekeeping Tech"

PeaceTech Scalerator Programme

12 May 2017

United States Institute for Peace, Washington, DC

"Technology for Peacekeeping in the Middle East”

 Force Commanders conference for UN mission in Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria (Golan Heights)

3 May 2017

Naquora, Lebanon

 Part Way There: Technology for UN Peace Operations

Partnership for Technology in Peacekeeping, Seoul, South Korea, 7-9 November 2016

 Technology for UN Peace Operations: A Demonstration

National Defence University, Washington, DC, 21 September 2016

 Testimony to the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, 19 September 2016,

 Testimony quoted in Committee's report
"UN Deployment: Prioritizing commitments at home and abroad" (


 Canada and the Future of UN Peace Operations

National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, 31 May 2016


"Unprepared for Peace?
The Decline of Canadian Peacekeeping Training (and What to Do About It)"

 Parliament Hill, Ottawa, 2 February 2016


“UN Peacekeeping: The Rise of Tech-Contributing Countries”

Canadian Pugwash Research Roundtable, Ottawa City Hall, November 29, 2015


“Securing a Nuclear Weapons-Free World:  Creating and retaining the replacement regime
(Support for the United Nations)”

Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Ottawa City Hall, November 30 (1 pm)


The Decline of Canadian Peacekeeping Training”

Location to be determined, Rideau Institute, Ottawa, December 17.


“Canada as a Voice for Peace and Development?  A Post-Election Conversation”

Introduction of Hon. Lloyd Axworthy, former Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

University of Toronto, 9 November 2015

Video: youtu.be/baT6vFX7hwE


Drones and Peacekeeping: The DR Congo and Beyond

New America Foundation

23 July 2015, Washington, DC

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zGb81saBUE&list=PLNoVefpaPtVNgX2elWDk3eUsJVI5smLOM


Canada, the Responsibility to Protect and New Technology

McMaster University, Hamilton, 12 June 2015
Keynote address delivered with the Hon. Lloyd Axworthy


UN Peacekeeping and Technology"

US/UN PKO Technology Table Top Discussion

10-12 February 2015

National Defense University, Washington DC


 Peacekeeping Technologies: A Demonstration with Toys

University of Ottawa, June 16



Dorn WoodrowWilsonHouse DornSpeech Podium AutoCorr-Compressed 336x402 24Oct2014

“From the League to the UN Today: Hats Off to You, Mr. Wilson!”
President Woodrow Wilson House, Washington, DC, October 24.

“Evolution in Technology and in Peacekeeping: A Demonstration”
Luncheon speech and demonstration, 8th Annual TIDES Technology Demonstration,
National Defence University, Ft. McNair, Washington, DC, October 8.

“Lessons from World War I and the Paris Peace Conference”
in a panel on “World War 1 and Contemporary Policy on War and Peace,”
Canadian War Museum, September 27, 3 pm.

“Peace Talks and a Peacekeeping Force for Afghanistan?”
in panel  “Pursuing an Afghan Peace: Women, Civil Society and Blue Helmets,”
Ottawa Public Library, Main Branch, September 29, 12 noon. 

Book Launch
Air Power in UN Operations: Wings for Peace

Hart House, University of Toronto, September 16 (featuring Lieutenant-General (ret'd) Roméo Dallaire)

Practical Technologies to Save Lives: A demonstration for humanitarian and peacekeeping missions”
University College, University of Toronto, September 17. (video)


Introduction of Gwynne Dyer, 15 November 2013
University of Toronto


“UN Technology on the Frontlines:
Addressing the Crises in Syria and the D.R. Congo”

sponsored by the House Central African Caucus,
Rayburn Building, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC,
September 16.

CapitolHill Dorn 122959 2013-09-16



“Peacekeeping Technology for the Protection of Civilians
Keynote, Forum for the International Day of UN Peacekeepers,
National Defense University (NDU), Washington, D.C.
May 29. (poster, pdf)


Protecting People with Technology:
Modernizing U.N. Peacekeeping

Stimson Centre, Washington, DC

(invitation, pdf)

29 May 2013
(International Day of UN Peacekeepers)


Peacekeeping Technology

US Institute for Peace, Washington DC

30 May 2013

USIP Drone-Demonstration 30May2013 640x480

(photo of photodrone demonstration)


“Canada: the Once and Future Peacekeeper?”
Laurier’s Military History Colloquium, Waterloo, May 4.


“Historical Progress in Ending Violence Against Women”
in panel on “Women, Peace and Security:
Strategies to End Violence Against Women in Armed Conflict Areas and Leading Humanitarian Disarmament Efforts,”
Baha’i UN Office, New York, March 12.

Enhancing Effective Peace Operations:
How Do We Make Better Use of Modern Technology?

Challenges Forum (sponsored by Argentina, Sweden & Switzerland),
Draft Programme, New York, NY, 15 February 2013

Intelligence in Peace Operations:
Technology vs. Human Intelligence?
Center for International Peace Operations, Announcement,
Berlin, 27 February 2013


Domincan University College / Collège Universitaire Dominincain

Walter Dorn

Religions on War: How Similar are They?
13 December 2012, 19h30 / 7:30 p.m.
Albert the Great Hall / Salle Albert le Grand

A study of the main scriptures of seven world religions shows many points in common and many differences. These scriptures have been placed on a spectrum from pacifist to militant, leading to much discussion.

Dr. Walter Dorn is a professor of defence studies at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) and Chair of the Department of Security and International Affairs at the Canadian Forces College (CFC). He seeks a fair and open-minded approach to comparative world religions on the issues of war and the use of armed force.




The Cuban Missile Crisis:
How a UN Secretary-General Averted Doomsday

Fifty years after the world came to the brink of nuclear war, there is still an important story to tell about the resolution of the crisis. UN Secretary-General U Thant served as a mediator between the superpowers and deserves credit in the history books for his bold initiatives that literally helped save the world. There are many lessons for today’s crises.

Laurier Lecture, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, October 29 (Paul MartinCentre)
(Cosponsored by the Academic Council on the UN System)
September 13th, 2012 at University College, University of Toronto,
15 King’s College Circle, Room 052 (east end of the building)


Technology and Peace Operations:

Finding Effective Enablers
Canadian Permanent Mission to the United Nations &
the Centre on International Cooperation
Delegates' Dining Room, United Nations Headquarters, New York
13 June 2012


Expert Evaluations of America's and Canada'a Wars:
Just, Unjust, and Everything In Between

Canadian Peace Research Association (CPREA) annual conference,
University of Waterloo/ Wilfrid Laurier University,
Waterloo, ON, May 31


Dropping Bombs and Firing Rockets:
Robust UN Peacekeeping in the Congo, 1960s and Today

Canadian Forces College
Saturday, April 14, 2012, 1 pm
(pdf of Poster; summary (pdf) of presentation)

An End to War: Is World Order Evolving?

Dr. Walter Dorn, PhD, University of Toronto

Whiff of Grape

January 31, 2012



Unmanned Vehicle Systems in UN Peace Operations

Canadian Unmanned Vehicle System Summit

Ottawa Convention Centre, 10:30 am, 14 December 2011

organized by the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement


Keeping Watch :
Monitoring, Technology and Innovation in UN Peace Operations

Walter Dorn (Canada)

Conférencier :
Walter Dorn, professeur au Collège des Forces canadiennes et au Collège militaire royal du Canada
Quand ?
le mardi 6 décembre 2011
de 11h30 à 13h00
Où ?
Pavillon 3200 Jean-Brillant (Université de Montréal)
Salle B-3270
Université de Montréal





Monitoring, Technology and Innovation in

UN Peace Operations

Walter Dorn

Royal Military College of Canada


Knowledge is power. In the hands of the UN peacekeepers, it can be a power for peace. Lacking knowledge, peacekeepers often find themselves powerless in the field, unable to protect themselves and others. The United Nations owes it to its peacekeepers and the “peacekept” to utilize modern tools to make its monitoring and surveillance effective. In this presentation on his book, Keeping Watch, Professor Dorn explains how technology can increase the range, effectiveness and accuracy of UN observation. The unaided UN military observer with the "mark one eyeball" can observe little. Satellites, aircraft and ground sensors cover wider areas over longer periods of time, while decreasing intrusiveness. Yet, in addition to the numerous benefits of technology for UN Peace Operations, Dorn also outlines the potential problems and pitfalls with modern technologies and the challenges of incorporating them into the UN system

Walter Dorn teaches military officers and civilians at the Canadian Forces College (CFC) and at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). He is a professor of defence studies and Chair of the Department of Security and International Affairs at CFC. He has both studied and served on UN peace operations, and worked as a consultant to the UN's Department of Peacekeeping Operations.



Monday, 5 December 2011

12:30 - 2:00 pm

Alumni Boardroom

Carleton University

Light sandwich lunch will be provided.







Monitoring Technologies for UN Peacekeeping"

KEEPING WATCH: Monitoring, Technology and
Innovation in UN Peace Operations

University College (Rm 179), University of Toronto, 17 November 2011




Rotary Club of Toronto (pdf)

Remembrance Day,11 November 2011 (12 noon)


Monitoring, Technology and Innovation in UN Peace Operations
Ottawa Public Library Auditorium, September 24

Canadian Book Launch