Political, Cultural and Spiritual Approaches to Building Peace

A. Walter Dorn, editor

Palgrave Macmillan, New York and London 
ISBN-13: 978-0312216351
288 pp.

"World Order for a New Millennium examines one of the major issues of our age: how humanity should organize itself on the highest levels of governance - the global level. World Order for a New Millennium provides an overview of the various types of world order, based on the three strategies of coercion, exchange and integration. It then reviews the development of international law and the current means of promoting and enforcing it, in the absence of an international police force. The essays look at the role of the military in the Cold War and after, and review the prospects for war and peace in the next century." (front flap)

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Table of Contents:

Message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations / Kofi Annan
Foreword / Daisaku Ikeda
Introduction / A. Walter Dorn


The Evolution of World Order
Conceptions of world order / Anatol Rapoport
The historical development of international law / Jennie Hatfield-Lyon
Carrots, sticks and bombs: securing disarmament treaty compliance without a world police / A. Walter Dorn
Economic bases for world order: corporate capitalism and/or market socialism? / Myron J. Gordon
World order by trade and investment decree: the global corporate system / John McMurtry

The Military
A Cold War retrospective: mishaps that might have started accidental nuclear war / Alan Phillips
The decline of international war / Leonard V. Johnson
Indicators of Militarization: Coping with the Specter of Praetorianism / Brian S. MacDonald

The United Nations
Challenges for the world and for the United Nations / Christopher Spencer
Recent United Nations agreements: a force for change (annex: The Earth charter) / Rosalie Bertell
Monitoring the rules: the United Nations and Iraq / D. Marc Kilgour
The creation of an independent and effective international criminal court / Fergus Watt
The United Nations in the twenty-first century: a vision for an evolving world order / A. Walter Dorn


Developing a Culture of Peace
The evolution of diplomacy: coordinating tracks I and II / Cynthia J. Chataway
Quality of life and a culture of peace / Shirley Farlinger
UNESCO Declarations and Appeals
Building Peace through a New Ethics: An Educational Task / Guy Bourgeault

Spiritual Dimensions
World order: verbalized or operational concept? (a Christian commentary) / Edward W. Scott
A Christian statement of faith on "peace in the Nuclear Age" / United Church of Canada
Pursuing opportunities for shalom in the world: a Jewish view / Martin I. Lockshin
From inner peace to world peace: a Buddhist perspective / Yoichi Kawada
Creating inner peace: a Buddhist view / Daniel Vokey
Toward a "new world" order: a native perspective / Gawitrha
World religion for the coming age / Hanna Newcombe
The Baháí̓ conception of world order / Cheshmak Farhoumand and Charles O. Lerche
The inner role of the United Nations / Sri Chinmoy
The Caledon declaration on building a foundation for peace in the third millennium