On the Wings of Peace:
Air Power in United Nations Operations

17th Air Force Historical Workshop, 15-17 June 2011 (Poster)

Workshop Presentations

(Alphabetical by presenter, pdf of PPT)

Air Operations in Somalia, 1991–1994 (pdf)
William Dean III, United States Air Force Air Command and Staff College

UN Aviation: Some Basics (pdf)
Walter Dorn, Maj. Filip Van Der Linden and Ryan Cross

Kinetic Air Power in the Congo, 1961–1964 (pdf, 2.4 MB) (pptx, 11 MB)
Walter Dorn, Royal Military College

Attack Helicopters in the Congo, 2004– (pdf)
Walter Dorn, Royal Military College

United Nations Air Operations in the Congo Crisis, 1960–1964 (pdf)
Sebastian Lukasik, United States Air Force Air Command and Staff College

United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission and the Southern No Fly Zone, 1992–2003 (pdf)
James McKay, Royal Military College of Canada

Military Air Assets Employment in Peacekeeping Operations (pdf)
Lieutenant-Colonel Marian Mihaita, PhD, Planning Officer,
Military Planning Service/Office of Military Affairs/Department of Peacekeeping Operations

UAVs Supporting UN Operations: The MDA Service Model (pdf)
Col (Ret’d) David Neil, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Assoc. Corp.

USAF and UN Cooperation in Future High Intensity Humanitarian Airlift Operations (pdf)
Robert C. Owen, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

United Nations Aviation – Procurement of Aviation Support and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (pdf)
Kevin Shelton-Smith, Air Transport Section, Department of Field Support, UN Headquarters, New York

A Fine Line: Use of Force, the Cold War, and Canada’s Air Contribution to ONUC (pdf)
Kevin A. Spooner, Wilfrid Laurier University

Peace from Above: Envisioning the Future of UN Airpower (pdf)
Robert David Steele, CEO, Earth Intelligence Network

Touched by Air Power: UN Military Observers in Sarajevo, 1993–94 (pdf)
F. Roy Thomas, Peace Support Operations Training Consultant


The workshop proceedings were published in book form Air Power in UN Operations: Wings for Peace, Ahsgate, 2014. (this website, Air Power website)


Wings of Peace 2011