Google Searches: Useful Operators

Add the following operators (examples given) to your search terms to make Google searching more focused and effective:

allinurl: google faq – find website associated with that name (example yields

define: life – dictionary definition of word "life"

filetype:ppt – find PPT on your topic (also find doc, pdf, xls). [Short form: ext:] – shows information about home page. (Can help to check authenticity of websites) – a useful way to search sites and entire domains (.gov, .ca), often better than the search engines provided with the site (e.g., (note: omit the www at the front end of URLs)


-"not this expression" – makes sure the expression is not included in the search e.g., Terminator -3

+2 – the + makes sure the term is included

For more options, see

Within Google News, you can specify the news source, e.g., source:new_york_times