Dr. Dorn's Teaching at the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre


LIVE, MOVE AND WORK: Technology and Engineering in Modern Peacekeeping

Course designed/co-created with Col. (ret'd) Dr. David Harries for military, police and civilian students. The course was run in 2000 and 2001 at the PPC in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.



Technology modules: monitoring;  positioning; communications & info tech (IT); geomatics; protection; and R&D.

Engineering modules: mobility; accommodation; emergency & special engineering; peace-building; weapons mgt & destr; non-lethal weapons; and land mines detection & demining.

Additional modules: the peacekeeping partnership; cultural aspects of peacekeeing; businesses and UN Procurement.

The two-week course included a technology demonstration from the Cooperative Monitoring Centre (Sandia National Labs) and a field trip to Canadian Forces Base Gagetown (where the capabilities of the Coyote reconnaissance vehicle was demonstrated). The course also ran the exercises: Ex Holdfast Transfer and  Ex Tomorrow Never Dies.



Lectures in other PPC Courses, 1998-2002:

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