International Criminal Court

Walter Dorn served as a Visiting Professional in the Immediate Office of the Prosecutor (IOP) of the International Ciminal Court (ICC) from January to May 2010. The Chief Prosecutor was Luis Moreno-Ocampo. Dorn provided advice to him and his prosecutorial teams on issues such as: use of the concept of "plausable deniability" in prosecutions, case selection policy, and evidence-gathering. He also assisted with specific cases relating to the D.R. Congo.

A photo with Moreno-Ocampo in his office:

 Moreno-Occampo-Dorn ICC ProsecutorOffice Apr2009


An excellent documentary on Moreno-Ocampo's work is Prosecutor (NFB, White Pines, 2010). Dorn was present during the filming and can be seen in a few frames.

Here's a photo from outside the ICC in The Hague:

ICC Building-Sign WalterDorn2 P1050062 Apr2010 768x1024


Towards the end of his term, Dorn received a Letter of commendation (pdf) from Moreno-Ocampo.