Student Evaluations

Results of students evaluations for the following courses:

"Geography of Tropical Africa and Asia" (GOE307) at RMC: mean of 4.4 out of 5, above the divisional mean of 4.2.

In 2007-08, when electives were first introduced in the Joing Command and Staff Programme (JCSP), Dr. Dorn developd and taught the elective “The Evolution of Peace Support Operations”: all students gave the the top score (5) for “Taught with enthusiasm”; for “Created a supportive learning environment”; and for “Motivated me to increase my knowledge and competence in the topics of this course.” In the final question, “Is, overall, a good teacher,” he received an average of 4.8 out of 5.

In the same elective, later renamed "Peace and Stability Operations: An Evolving Practice" (DS526), in 2019, the average scores (out of 10) were for each question in the student survey: well organized classes (9.2), clear grading procedures (9.7), marks provided in reasonable time (9.7), useful comments and corrections (9.3), created a climate to learn and pose questions (9.3), answered questions effectively (9.3), treated students fairly and impartially (9.0), available to help (9.5), motivated [students] (9.7), good course (9.0). 

In February 2023, the following results were recorded in the end-of-course survey: 

   The Instructor delivered well organized classes (8.5)
   The Instructor established clear grading procedures. (9.0)
   The instructor corrected papers in a reasonable time (9.0)

 The overall evaluation was:

 DS526 Student Feedback Feb2023