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"World Order for a New Millennium” is a rare effort to link the practical concerns of global governance with spiritual insights from many of the world's major religions. The editor, Walter Dorn, brings to bear his considerable experience as a technical and political consultant to the United Nations to identify key problems facing the international system at the dawn of a new millennium. The contributors to this volume argue that formal or legal mechanisms for maintaining peace are inadequate to the task, unless they are informed by cultural and spiritual values that accord a high priority to justice as well as stability. This is an important argument that introduces a welcome moral dimension into debates about the future of global order.

—  Matthew Evangelista, Professor of Government, Cornell University

Walter Dorn has assembled an insightful and provocative set of essays that offers a convincing portrait of current problems of world order (and disorder). The volume presents a balance sheet of the political, institutional, cultural and spiritual capacities needed to address those problems. For readers in search of a striking combination of social science and spiritual vision, this is it.

— Michael Doyle, Director, Center of International Studies, Princeton University, author of Ways of War and Peace